Welcome to a world of taste, curated.

Mimi Must Try is my digital documentation of all things life and style…and everything worth trying.

little ol' mimi

Want to know more? I am…

  1. An avid foodie and coffee snob – a style devotee with an appetite if you will. I love trying new cuisines, new taste sensations and foreign flavours. And I love to dress for the occasion.
  2. A hopeless shop-a-holic/spend-a-holic/collector/gatherer/hunter and hoarder of beautiful things…and I am always seeking more. Online, offline, designer or $2 shop.
  3. A traveller, blinded by wanderlust and adore anything French
  4. Obsessed with all things art and design, copywriting and creative direction. A Marketing Coordinator by day and daydreamer by night.
  5. A gym junkie, fitness fanatic and having fun everyday!

 …In a nutshell? I want to try a bit of everything.

Because you don’t know if you don’t try.


  1. Such a talented girl!! Loving the posts and the food looks amazing. Keep up the good work Mimi ;)

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