About Me

Welcome to a world of taste, curated.

Mimi Must Try is my digital documentation of all things life and style…and everything worth trying.

It began as my online journal to document everything I was living, breathing, seeing, doing (and most of all EATING) when I moved to Brisbane almost 2 and a half years ago. Since then, Mimi Must Try has transformed into a true creative outlet and helps me share food, style and travel stories with others, creating wonderful new friendships and meeting incredible people along the way.

Please join me on my journey.

little ol' mimi

Want to know more? I am…

  1. An avid foodie and coffee snob – a style devotee with an appetite if you will. I love trying new cuisines, new taste sensations and foreign flavours. And I love to dress for the occasion.
  2. A hopeless shop-a-holic/spend-a-holic/collector/gatherer/hunter and hoarder of beautiful things…and I am always seeking more. Online, offline, designer or $2 shop.
  3. A traveller, blinded by wanderlust and adore anything French
  4. Obsessed with all things art and design, copywriting and creative direction. A Marketing Coordinator by day and daydreamer by night.
  5. A gym junkie, fitness fanatic and having fun everyday!

 …In a nutshell? I want to try a bit of everything.

Because you don’t know if you don’t try.

Xo Mimi


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